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The "All-New" Lawo V__pro8


With its latest software update, the V__pro8 video processing toolkit became even more powerful, further increasing its feature-per-RU density.

Amongst the latest additions is an enhanced A/V sync tool, which in addition to generating and reading its native V__line sync pattern, can now also read the EBU pattern and Vistek® VALID8 format on all eight inputs. The unit’s integrated quad-split multiviewer now also features multi-colored Tally lamps, which are switchable via Ember+. This allows to integrate the MV tally in the overall tally system of your studio.

These enhancements are just scratching the capabilities of the V__pro8. This compact and cost-effective 1RU package covers all your video processing requirements – just scroll down to learn more…

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The V__pro 8 is the perfect tool to handle different video formats and to integrate audio and video. High quality format conversion, color correction as well as audio embedding and de-embedding make the V__pro 8 a compact and powerful video processor, building bridges between different worlds and formats. 

– 8x SDI Inputs (3G/HD/SD)
– 8x SDI Outputs (3G/HD/SD)
– Quadsplit MV Output (DisplayPort 3G/SDI 3G/1080i)
– Optical MADI (2x In / 2x Out)
– Video Ref. Input & Loop Thru (BB or  TriLevel)
– Video Ref. Output (BB or TriLevel)
– WordCLK I/O
– 2x 1Gbit Ethernet (Control)

Now you've got your signals in the box – scroll on to find out what your V__pro8 can do for you…

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Lawo v  pro8 inputoutput thumbnails
Input / Output thumbnail overview for intuitive signal handling

Video / Audio Router provides an internal 8 x 8 video routing matrix and a 384 x 384 audio routing matrix.

Frame-Synchronizer for syncing incoming independent free running signals to the same reference (Blackburst or TriLevel).

Variable Video & Audio Delays for compensating latencies and lip-sync matching between incoming or outgoing audio (up to 320 ms delay) and video (up to 8 frames delay) signals. AudioFollowVideo delay mode for automatic compensation of internal video latency.

(De-) Embedding with SRC to embed, de-embed and shuffle any of the 16 audio channels within the 8 SDI input/output streams simultaneously. Audio interfacing to mixing consoles or external audio routers via MADI.

Dolby E® auto Aligner to automatically adjust the timing of Dolby® streams.

Surround Downmix for providing two automated Lawo-quality 5.1/7.1 to stereo downmixes per embedder.

Timecode Insertion provides selectable ATC LTC / VITC1 / VITC2 insertion from an input signal or free run mode or from internal Timecode Generator.

Test Pattern and Video ID Generator provide video ID insertions (text, source, date, timecode, time of day) and color bar test pattern as well as a selection of audio test tones and AV Sync test pattern.

Thumbnail Previewing to provide motion previews of video signals. The thumbnails are available via IP and can be displayed on the V__pro 8 GUI, external master control systems or PCs.

Lawo v  pro8 inputoutput thumbnails
Input / Output thumbnail overview for intuitive signal handling
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Lawo v  pro8 colorcorrection
Production quality RGB & YUV color correction

High-quality Up / Down / Cross & AR Format Converter for 3G / HD / SD-SDI signals to any relevant broadcast format. Multi-format video output: an incoming 1080 p signal can be converted to 1080i and 720p at the same time. The next generation motion-adaptive de-interlacing and scaling technology guarantees high image quality.

Quadsplit Multiviewer provides a high quality video and audio monitoring solution with true peak & peak metering, UMD and tally support via the unit’s MV video outputs (BNC / Display Port), displaying up to four video sources at the same time. The tally lamps can be controlled via Ember+, offering the possibility to integrate the MV tally in the overall tally system of your studio control system. It supports multiple colors (RGB) for multi tally configurations in enhanced TV productions.

Waveform and Vectorscope Displays enable measuring and monitoring of video signals and evaluation of video adjustments processed within the V__pro 8.

RGB & YUV Color-Correction and Proc-Amp to adjust the video signal to specific color requirements. High-quality algorithms guarantee perfect video signals.

AV Sync Measurement is a high-end measurement tool for managing the precise synchronization of audio and video signals. It can create a V__line sync pattern and read / analyse three types of sync patterns: V__line, EBU and the Vistek® VALID8 pattern. Each input of the V__pro8 can be used to read the incoming VALID signal.

DOLBY E® ENCODING/DECODING provides up to four instances of fully compatible en / decoding of professional quality multi-channel audio on a single AES3 connection with Dolby E® metadata handling. In combination with the unit’s Dolby E® Auto Aligner, the V__pro 8 becomes the perfect transmission path gateway for multi-channel productions.

Lawo v  pro8 colorcorrection
Production quality RGB & YUV color correction
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Interested in direct signal monitoring right at your device?
Simply add a V__fp1 hardware control & monitoring panel to your V__pro8. This gives you instant real-time viewing of video sources via the high-res OLED color monitor and direct audio monitoring via the front-panel headphones connector. The V__fp1 also provides hardware control for direct configuration and operation of the V__pro8. This includes switch panel and shot box functionality. A large rotary encoder, a USB port for saving and loading of configurations and ten quick-selection buttons for switching sources turn the V__pro8 into an even more versatile solution.

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This compact, fully digital, 8-channel video processor comprises all of the glue features usually needed in the broadcast production workflow. Combining video and audio management in a single tool guarantees maximum efficiency and greatest operating safety, with significantly reduced space, wiring and cost.

– Increased ease-of-use
– Major space reduction
– Reduced cabling & system complexity
– Swiss-knife style processing toolkit
– Increased workflow efficiency
– Reduced costs

Click & slide to compare CLASSIC and LAWO way

When designing your broadcast facility, truck or flight-pack solution you have the choice:

Go the Classic Way?
Or go the Lawo Way?

If your broadcast installation is already up and running, just consider the V__pro8 as your personal Swiss Army Knife: small in footprint, but powerful in its quality and features. It will solve all the unforeseen challenges in your daily business…

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